Friday, July 10, 2015

Minimalism Style as One of the Hottest Fashion Trends 2013

Minimalism in fashion… it is trendy and it is timeless at the same time. Clothes done in minimalism style are free from some kind of embellishments, prints and extra details. Minimalism style should not be confused with the idea of wearing minimum clothing – that is not the case, and minimalism style is not synonymous with clothing that shows too much skin.  The accent is placed on the simple lines, proportions and silhouettes.

Because clothing in minimalism style can serve you many years without looking “so last season”, it is better to go for quality items.  You can dress in minimalism style for various purposes and occasions. Here are several ideas on how to let minimalism style in your wardrobe.

Classy minimalism. As you can see, the items themselves are very simple and lack unnecessary details. The colors, on the other hand, are so rich and luxurious, that this kind of outfit would hardly go unnoticed. I would say that this is daring minimalism – the lines and silhouettes are simple and classy, but because of the colors choice, this look definitely stands out.

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