Friday, July 10, 2015

Malina Joshi in London for Miss World 2011

Miss Nepal 2011 winner Malina Joshi is representing Nepal at Miss World 2011 that will take place on 6th of November at Earls Court, London. She arrived in London few days ago and is undergoing several trainings as part of the special world competition. Watch her video profile above for the Miss World 2011 competition that went up on official youtube channel of Miss World.Malina Joshi is one of the participants among 122 others from different nations that are competing for the most coveted beauty pageant title in the world. So far among the activities,Miss World sports finale that includes swimming, running, and traditional Highland games has taken place and the contestants for talent round are listed up already.As a part of Miss World tour of Scotland, Malina Joshi including other participants recently visited Edinburgh Castle – part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Edinburgh’s Old and New Town which is Scotland’s number one tourist attraction.Here are some images of Malina Joshi taking part in the competition and along with other participants in the beauty pageant.

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